Olympus XZ-1 : a bit confused from all the hype and ratings vs. Nikon P7000

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Olympus XZ-1 : a bit confused from all the hype and ratings vs. Nikon P7000

This just came in, to replace my Nikon P7000, as my current camera gets lots of bad press, and the brightest lens setting is only F2.8 I managed to get some Bokeh on macro shots, and wanted more, so I ordered the Olympus.
Based on the contrast in ratings on these two cameras, I expected an experience that was night and day.
I do agree, that the simplistic control system on the Olympus is... surprisingly, a real pleasure to use! I like how the menu is simple, how the rotary dial is mode-sensitive, where it gives you a function that is pertinent to the mode selected. But on the other hand, I'm having trouble getting the Olympus to focus on the area I want it to, and having to take action to correct mistakes.
But, compared to a camera they claim is sluggish, I'm finding this camera to have much more shutter lag than the Nikon. This is a major disappointment. Why criticize a sluggish menu but remain silent on shutter lag of the Olympus? Isn't shutter lag far more pertinent? (especially when the Nikon has so much buttons that you hardly ever have to go into the menu? which does a photographer care about when shooting? menu he doesn't need or shutter lag?). I'm finding this camera to be disappointingly slow. Perhaps I'll find where, in the menu, I can tell it to show the pic I've just taken to disappear faster, but it staying on screen for so long negatively impacts when I can take my next shot.


I would really like to know why there are such huge inconsistencies in the ratings on this site.
They keep silent on some major turn-offs about this camera, while they highlight some non-pertinent flaws on the one I'm replacing it with. Criticizing something that may not bother buyers in it's target market (AE button), while keeping silent on some major flaws (slow, sluggish), make them appear impartial and make the camera look better than it actually is. And on the other model (Nikon), do exactly the opposite, which is, criticise the menu system on a camera that has to many direct-access buttons/dials, and remain silent on some of it's better, more pleasant things (fast operation for a camera in this category).
Are they NIKON-HATERS, or just have trouble being impartial?

I'm not saying the Nikon is better... I'm eager to tame my new Olympus, and hope to be in better sync with it, so I can feel good about letting my Nikon go. But sadly, it's not a learning curve I'm having to deal with, but rather coming to grips and accepting the disappointments created by misleading reviews.

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