A Remarkable Superzoom

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Augustin Man
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A Remarkable Superzoom

By extending the optical zoom to 42X (actually 180/4.3=41.86) Nikon put to shame the theorists which stated that "all zoom bigger than 24X is useless since you have to get a tripod". Thus the outstanding feature of this camera is an incredible hand held IQ at its telephoto end and that's mainly because the IS, optical and not by sensor shift, is outstanding.

More than that, the digital zoom (2X) is better than usual. There is no RAW, but there is a noise control (high, normal, low) and a picture control (standard, vivid,neutral and two custom savings of sharpening, contrast and saturation). There is also a D-lighting (high, normal, low) for contrast correction, which can be activated both on shooting or on playback.

Unfortunately there are also some minor, but rather disturbing drawbacks: for me the main one is an unjustified correlation between the ISO and the minimum shutter speed in the M mode: if you raise the ISO, the maximum time get down and that is more annoying as their Night Landscape setting is very modest, to say the least. Other drawbacks: if you want to use a tripod, you have to select time and again for each shot the self timer to let the vibrations die; in the playback mode there is no way to go from one zoomed in image to the other.

The video mode looses focus on the telephoto end, but there there is also a workaround: start filming at the telephoto end and then go up or down with the zoom without any problem.

I didn't test the GPS, but read a very good posting with images that showed it was rather slow and inefficient.

It lacks also a filter thread or a horse shoe.

Like every camera of this size, it needs a spare battery and a charger in order to shoot without long imposed pauses.

All in all it is a remarkable superzoom camera, that with minor improvements could be almost perfect.

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