The best lens I've ever owned, period.

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The best lens I've ever owned, period.

I'm not a pro yet I think to be the closest thing to a pro might be an amateur. If I don't work professionally with photography is just because I have already another safe job AND a home loan to pay.

Everyone can talk about the goodness of lens build (nicely solid, sturdy) or the images it can take and the terrific sharpness / bokeh etc you get with such lens. Actually, it's all true and already at full aperture is more a problem of depth of field than any other problem (real or supposed). Image quality is extremely high from f/2 to f/5.6 where I think it tops.

However, a couple of things I'd like to tell you are:
1) if you aren't a MF kind, don't worry. Unless you're shooting someone coming close to you, its focus ring will help you to nail focus exactly where you want, both close or far from you. In my case, both with F6 / D700 and FM3A the green dot / eye confirmation has been enough. It's not that difficult, believe me, practise will help you to achieve extrahordinarily pleasing results.

2) Of course I love the bokeh and the way it renders dim light and certain colours like shadows of green, rose, brown, and in general it's the first lens that truly gave me back skin tones and overall people look exactly as I remembered it. Clarity and trueness are definitely a quality I couldn't find in any of the many lenses owned so far. Besides, the level of detail (not only sheer sharpness, but the way it renders textures) it's just amazing, unbelievable, you have to try to understand for yourself.

I count to get other ZF2 lenses (namely 25 and 35) asap and hope a 180 apo makro will come out soon as well, sooner or later, with the impressive 55 f/1.4 just revealed pre-Photokina.

Highly recommended, definitely.


None. Only the front lens cap might be a little better, but that's hair splitting.

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