A little wonder, with weird buttons

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Tord S Eriksson
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A little wonder, with weird buttons

It was seeing others using this little wonder that made me buy one for my wife, but she opted for the OM-D E-M5 instead, so I inherited it! Quickly it grew on me, and pretty soon it became my favorite camera (I have a few...).


* very rugged design, feels like a Leica!

* excellent viewfinder, one of the best EVFs on the market.

* Utterly silent shutter, perfect for candid photography, shooting easily scared animals, and similar subject.

* As you can choose between mechanical and electronic shutter, you can have utterly short exposures (1/1400 sec) with the electronic shutter, but that shutter has a low flash sync speed, so there is also a mechanical one, that syncs at 1/250 sec.

* The native lenses, from the N1 series, are small and very sharp (except the 10-100 zoom which is motorized, and exclusively designed for video). Using these focusing is frighteningly fast, almost instant.

* The small size of the sensor transforms even your relatively small F Mount lenses to zoom marvels: a 70-300mm becomes a 189-810mm (on a full format camera), and so on, so now you can bring super zooms to the field, that are the size that fits in your little shoulder bag! And the lenses's VR (anti-vibration) still works excellently!

* The camera uses the same battery as many other Nikons, like the D600 and the D7000, so it lasts a very long time!


There are a few flaws in the design, but not many:

* The buttons are arranged in a weird way, and the thumb wheel, controlling shooting mode (Video, Stills, and so on) is very, very easy to knock out of position, just by gripping the camera, or taking it out of your bag. The flash uses an unusual socket (looks a bit like that on the Leica X2, or Olympus XZ-1), so standard Nikon flashes do not work. And there is a tiny plastic cap to that flash socket that very easily gets lost!

* There is a nice adapter for it (FT1), so you can use Nikon SLR lenses with it, but only genuine Nikon lenses's anti-shake, and focusing, will work!!! So while you can attach a F Mount Sigma, you are well served with totally manual lens, as the latest OIS wonder!

* There are too few buttons on it, as many of us would like a button for ISO, and a Fn button, or two, that we can assign any function we want to, like on most other exchangeable lens cameras from Nikon.

* Possibly more pixels on the sensor would be nice, like the RX100's, but that will probably come with the new version ...

* Not perfect in low light, due the small size of the sensor.

* The available lenses are not very fast (but very sharp), but better are on the way ;-)!

* The amazing focusing is not quite that amazing when used with F Mount lenses.

* How much charge there is left in the battery is very roughly shown, and not very accurate.

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