Sharing my experience with the new NX lineup (cameras and lenses)

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Sharing my experience with the new NX lineup (cameras and lenses)

A little different review than we are used to. As this one, is in light, of having tried other cameras in the NX lineup too.

I purchased the NX1000, then bought a NX200, wanting a better screen because I'm out in the sun a lot.
Although I had decided I could live with the NXX200's long write delays, resold it, because of two things: the video record button location (also a criticism on the NX210 and NX20) is right there where you place your thumb, causing a major annoyance, when you find out that you have to first stop an unwanted video recoding, and wait for writing, when you want to take a shot. And my perception was that the AMOLED screen is no more than 20% brighter than the ordinary active matrix screen on the NX1000, in bright sunlight. The amoled's viewing angle is much wider though, but that alone doesn't justify the much higher price (when all else is the same, sensor and processor minus bad placement of video record).

In light of my experience, I feel that the NX1000 is a good sober choice, that shouldn't have as much depreciation as the (IMO overpriced) NX210 and NX20, if/when I decide to resell it (and the 20MP will definitely make it stand out among the 2011-2012 generation when that time comes).

I sold the 20-50mm kit lens, which has no OIS, and bought the 18-55mm with Optical Image Stabilization, which is twice the size, but very light, and IMO, worth it. I bought it on ebay for the same price for which I sold my 20-50mm.

Also purchased the 30mm f/2.0 pancake, for general everyday photography - it's compact and what I end up keeping on the camera most of the time.

And not wanting to settle for Samsung's lens offerings, I also got this:
MD-NX adapter (caution, not all of them work - see forums or write to me which one is good on the new NX s)
Minolta 50mm f/1.4 lens
Minolta 50mm macro 1:1 lens
I highly recommend this: you can get awesome used lenses for next to nothing, and they work very well with the Samsung's new NX lineup's 5x, 8x, and peak focus metering, which help the manual focus work like a charm (A-priority and M modes only). Just press the Fn button to bring up whatever you chose in your preferences (5x/8x/peaking).

IMHO, I loooove my system/combination.

I also bought the 50-200mm telepĥoto lens, but resold that because I found it too impractical and limiting.
They do sell a 18-200mm lens, but for more than the price of a camera. Instead, I am eyeing, as a second camera, for telephoto-only work, the Fujifilm X-S1 (26x zoom, with a 2/3 sensor).



I have found, on many occasions, where I thought I definitely had focus lock on my subject, that in fact, the camera focused on some vegetation in the background instead, giving me an out of focus subject.
Perhaps because it uses some of the green pixels on the sensor for focusing. For example, a simple situation probing to be challenging in auto-focus, was taking pictures of my daughter with vegetation, behind her. She was wearing a purple jacket, blue jeans, and thus, had no green on her, and once I saw the pics on my computer, only the trees in the background were in focus (a few meters farther back). I admit that I'm still learning to use the camera, and perhaps I just haven't gotten used to it... bu tit appears to me that auto-focus, that locks on the little square in the middle, should be focusing on that, and, and not anything but. I have to constantly be on the watch for this, which complicates and delays spur of the moment shots of people in movement.
A firmware update would definitely be in order, to improve this situation.

I was getting lots of blur with the standard 20-50mm kit lens (which I swapped for the 18-55mm, as explained above, but could have happily lived with only the 30mm prime instead).

I still hit the movie record button by accident sometimes, but less often, as it is located much better than on the more expensive models.

I find that the ergonomics could be better. While shopping, I also I found a deal I couldn't refuse, on the NX5 (/NX10), which I ended up giving to my son as a gift. This really got me hooked on the NX5/10/11/20 ergonomics! And if it wasn't literally double the street price as an NX1000, I'd get the NX20 instead, in a heartbeat. Back to the NX1000: I find that the camera strap and it's mount get in the way: I have to route the strap between my index and middle finger to get a satisfactory grip, that is still slightly awkward. And it doesn't hold anywhere nearly as comfortably as the NX20.

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