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Great value

It's a very nice camera - great viewfinder, good pivot screen (although I prefer Sony's new implementation where it's a tilt with the pivot at the top-center, so it doesn't swing out sideways).
The whole ensemble has a feel of solid quality to it. The body is of magnesium alloy, the buttons aren't loose, you get nice tactile feedback as the dials snap into place for each setting - even the rotator menu wheel is nice like this.
And I love the ergonomics, especially compared to the NX1000 which I purchased before this. I got the body-only for $400, which is half the price it was originally introduced at, making it an awesome value. The buttons are nicely laid out. Lens offerings are OK. I have the 18-55mm with OIS, and the 30mm F2. I leave the 30mm F2 on most of the time, and got some pretty nice pictures with it, with good control over DOF. I took the camera to my daughter's Christmas music concert, and didn't know quite what to expect. I was surprised at how well this performed in a dimly lit room. The pictures came out vivid and crisp. The video was very nice too - good sound and good image quality (leagues better than my other cameras).
The speed of the camera is nice too - low shutter lag (I don't notice any), and I like that you can choose between 8fps and 3fps. I was able to get a lens adapter for $20 on ebay, to use a mint condition Minolta 50mm f/1.4 lens that I bought on there too, as a 75mm equivalent portrait lens. You can have the OK button bring up either a 5x or 7x or bar graph to aid in manual focus (in A or M), and I'm happy to report that it works great. (just be careful what adapter you buy - the first I had to get refunded because it didn't press down on the lens-presence sensor enough - but that's not a Samsung issue but a made-in-china issue)
The Samsung NX series is the same size (Sony NEX) or even smaller than some mirrorless cameras with smaller sensors (Pana GH3), and is certainly smaller than cameras with a mirror box (Canon Rebel, Sony A-), yet still gives you those great ergonomics!
In all, I think this is a very nice system. Not perfect (see below), but what camera below two grand is almost perfect anyways? I'm going to run with this system until money grows on trees, or at least for a good while, at which time I think 20MP will secure a better resale value than, say, 16.


1. I have to be fair: this criticism is from when I wasn't familiar with the camera and was taking my first steps with it.
This series of Samsungs, depending on the settings you chose, may have trouble focusing in certain situations, such as when your subject is all Blue + Red in colors and with no Greens, in front of green vegetation in the background. (the first time I tried the camera I was outdoors with my daughter who was wearing a purple jacket and blue jeans, with a willow tree behind her. I was trying to shoot her playing tarzan swinging from the branches. The tree and green bushes behind her were in focus each time, and she was only once. I later realized I should have chosen a different mode. The Samsung spares some of the green photosites for focusing tasks, and in bright sun the green autofocus lamp doesn't really help. But of course, it depends on your settings - I tend to shoot in Aperture priority mode - but I suppose if I were to use it in P mode or Auto with multi-spot metering this may not have happened. I'm slowly learning to deal with this and getting used to the camera more and more. So I guess you just have to be more careful with the mode you choose with this camera. Once the spring is here, I will certainly be experimenting more with such scenes, so I can better learn what I was doing wrong.
The photos tend to be a bit on the cool side, so I purchased a skylight 1A filter. Skylight 1A filters half the UV light, and adds a tiny bit of warmth. I use this in place of the standard UV filter I had on before.

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