It´s a phone, not camera. Period.

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It´s a phone, not camera. Period.

After all the fuss about the Nokia 808 and it´s camera I tried it for some days. I always had doubts that all the praise was realistic but I wanted to give it a chance. But now I have to say my doubts were right.

First of all, it´s a phone with a camera, not vice-versa. And for a phone it´s pretty average - which also has some disadvantages when using it´s camera. At first there is the low-resolution screen of just 640x360 pixels which gives a mere pixel-count of approx 230.000. Cheaper real cameras have screens with 4-5x times of this resolution.
Then this device is just clunky, not good to hold and IMHO ugly - compared to the Nokia N8 which was made of aluminium and felt pretty solid(and had some style) this is just a chunky piece of plastic.

The camera UI just looks poor. Not nice to use. I could forgive that if the results were good - but they aren´t. The 41MP aren´t good, too soft and even little shake is visible. The 8MP pics are ok and the high-ISO performance may be better than these of some cameras but that can´t compensate the other disadvantages. And overall the images are nothing a decent P&S for 200-300 bucks can shoot.
There is no stabilisation at all and you can´t control aperture or shutter. The aperture is fixed with it´s value of F2.4.

Movies are also shaky, the digital image stabilisation produces a strange jumpy image(like on N8) but no stabilised image. Audio sounds a bit muffled, it was praised for the good audio quality but there are some clanking sounds due to high compression in some situations. It may stand loud surroundings without distortion but a problem is that handling causes disturbing noises as the microphones are too sensitive to pick that up.
Sharpness is ok but nothing to rave about.

As a phone it´s just average. It´s not only to the outdated OS of Symbian, but other oddities. For unknown reason I wasn´t able to receive SMS, only after reboot(calling was possible). You need a microSIM - I really don´t know why this chunky ugly phone needs a microSIM slot when even smaller ones can handle a normal sized SIM.

My conclusion is that I don´t recommend this thing. Get a cheap Android phone and a decent P&S for the same price and better results for both. All this fuss about "end of compact cameras because you have your phone every time with you blabla" is just nonsense. The 808 isn´t for serious photographers and for snapshots like your drunken friends on a Facebook party even cheaper phones work.

Nokia 808 Pureview
4 screen • 41 megapixels (rear)
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