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Like many I am looking for a replacement for my 5D mIII that I find I'm leaving home too often due to its weight.

Having tried and returned 2 Fuji's - X100 and X1 Pro, great colour but unacceptably slow focusing - I thought the Sony NEX would fit the bill. Over the Xmas holiday I had borrowed a NEX 7 and was generally impressed with it. When the NEX 6 was announced with WIFI and Apps I thought it would be similar but for the lower pixel count so I ordered it with the new 16-50OSS, 16mm prime, 50mm prime and the 18-200OSS.

I am surprised by some of the reviews left here so far because my experience is very different.

The short of it the sensor on the NEX 6 is greatly inferior to the NEX 7. So bad in fact I am packing it up and returning it. While I might try the soon to be announced 7N this NEX 6 experience has made me very, very wary of the NEX lineup altogether.


- very slow focusing in even average light. Spot focusing is slightly better but still searches aimlessly far too often particularly at longer focal lengths
- anything above ISO 800 has a LOT of noise compared to the canon sensors I'm used to
- significant chromatic aberration that is visible even at moderate crops
- the 16-50mm kit lens is a joke. Slow, soft, flimsy.
- the only lens that moderately impressed me was the 50mm prime. A bit of vignetting but the only one fast and sharp enough to be considered as an SLR replacement. While the 18-200 has a solid feel and sharpness, it is slow which is a problem with the general artefacting of the sensor in lower light situations.
- the two features that made me opt for the 6 instead of the 7 were not worth it. The apps are far and few between, clunky and fiddly to access. The app idea on cameras has merit but this is poorly implemented here. WIFI integration and real time upload to local PC is similarly poorly implemented at the moment

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