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sshoihet wrote:

hwg wrote:

If I ever find anywhere to buy the sz-3 filter holder - Nikon don't have any! They have given me some dealers to try.

I will experiment with it.

The sb-700 user manual states if I put a coloured filter on it I can then tell the flash what colour filter I am using.


why does it need to know I have put a yellow filter on it?

I want it to flash yellow (or whatever)

I don't want it trying to neutralise the colour by doing some fancy stuff to the white balance of other settings so what is the purpose of telling the flash it has a yellow filter on it?

As you noted, the purpose is to set the white balance to the temp of the filter because you generally want the temp to match the subject that you're lighting with the flash.

Actually, the purpose of the SJ-4 Color Filter Set seems to be to "Create interesting effects by changing the color of the light emitted by the flash" (SB-700 manual, page E-17), so I'm not sure neutralizing the effect one is trying to create would produce the desired result. The incandescent & fluorescent filters are entirely another matter.

Perhaps by telling the flash it has an "effect" filter (yellow, blue, etc.), the camera's auto WB will alter or cancel its correction for that specific color? Like I said in another post, this is just speculation, as I don't have this flash

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