P7700's screen upside down?

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Articulating screen vs twist/swivel screen

mallbuedel wrote:

Sorry to hear about your issues...

but what is a fully articulating screen good for? I can flip the screen of my P7100 up and down and I use ithis possibility very often.

Do I understand it right that you have to turn the whole screen sytem horizontally sidewards until you can take a shot or flip the screen down or up?

No, unless you really want to use the screen in that position. Open the screen by swiveling it to the left and you can use it, but now the screen is way to the left of the camera. If you then twist/rotate it vertically 180 degrees (around a horizontal axis if the camera is in the usual landscape orientation) the screen (still to the left of the camera) is now facing forward, and people that are in the camera's frame can see their tiny images in the display. If you now swivel the screen to the right 180 degrees, it is back in place where it can be used just like a fixed, non-articulating, non-twist/swivel display. So while it can't be used exactly as an articulating display can, it's more flexible in how it can be used, and when you're no longer using the camera you can swivel, rotate and swivel it again, and now the display is facing inward against the camera, protected against bumps and dings.

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