Reviews, hands-on, samples of HS50 Part V

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Re: Michy- BSI vs FSI

To be honest there's not much of a difference, with the HS50 being slightly better if anything. The images i'm seeing are slightly smoother, and that's with NR turned all the way down on this camera. So i'm pleased with the results to say the least. I've done a couple of A3 prints from this camera already and they look good. To be able to print at that size with just a little PP in photoshop is promising. But those shots were in good light at base ISO. Normal shots in low light have noise as you ramp up the ISO, but the pro low light mode is very good for low light shots with little noise, as is the EXR High ISO low noise mode. This camera while not BSI seems to have a better sensor anyway. Coupled with the fact the new EXR II processor is very quick and we have a good bridge cam!

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