Reviews, hands-on, samples of HS50 Part V

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Re: Reviews, hands-on, samples of HS50 Part V

MitchyK7 wrote:

For 100 ISO those pictures are quite noisy. While Fuji's keep getting derided for that watercolour effect, i'd take that over noise to be honest.

It's just my opinion but using the loupe tool on those images shows noise and fringing, the things we're told don't exist on the panny. So lloks like BOTH cameras have their flaws. Well who'd have thought that. All superzooms are relatively cheap compared to a proper DSLR. So sacrifices are made in different areas. The HS50 for me has an awfully low powered flash, and the eyepiece is rock hard and painful to use for any length of time. But the ISO performance i'm quite happy with now i've seen the supposedly better panny shots.

I'm not running the FZ down, i think it's a very good competitor to the HS50, but neither one has perfect IQ. They both make some sacrifices to stay at their price points. I'm happy with my HS50, and i'm happy that you're happy with your panny. But all this running down of the fuji's needs to stop now we've seen the competition isn't any better straight from camera, and noise wise is actually worse from what i see.

But everyone has their own taste, and we're all gonna like different camera's, but it's annoying with all the fanboyism. All our cameras have good points, and no one is particularly worse than others.

I completely agree. I'm used to working with high-end DSLR output through my work so I'm very familiar with high quality images. For the cost of the HS50 and the FZ they produce decent shots. They will never compete with DSLR and to be honest the difference between the IQ of these two cameras is negligable.

Personally I like the feel of the HS50 and I really like the manual zoom. I've used motorised zooms in the past and it just feels too robotic for me. The manual zoom feels quicker and a lot more tactile.

I'm not going to get into the argument picking holes in people's output as it isn't helpful and just keeps moving this thread into new versions. If everyone spent less time ripping each other to pieces and more time taking beautiful pictures there would be a lot more for us to talk about constructively, instead of all the 'my toy is the best' BS.

Hopefully as all the HS50 users get to spend more time with their cameras we'll see what it can do and learn more about how to get the best out of it. I certainly intend to spend more time with it this week to see what it produces under what conditions and settings.



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