X10, X20 & RX100 Comparison

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Re: X10, X20 & RX100 Comparison

DS21 wrote:

Timur Born wrote:

Maybe you should just read what I wrote earlier: Based on other X20 raw files this either is a misfocus or a bad lens on the specific X20 reviewed on that site. Both the RAW files by Trevor and those from the other review are sharper than the X10's raw files in many areas, both do not show this kind of blur.

I don't what is it with you people always wanting some "win" vs. "lose" judgments?! Discuss the facts and don't bore with with that attitude.

How can it be miss-focus, it is the new sensor PDAF. How can it be bad lens, it's a Fujinon, as sharp as X10 lens (if you follow this forum, there is no bad X10 lens sample). It does not add up.


I agree with mis-focus (which also speaks badly of the x20, by the way, but anyway).

There is another shot of the cathedral by the x20 from a slightly different location, and it shows much better detail.  On the left is the comparison shot, on the right is the alternative. both at 100%, both from the x20:

from what i've seen, x20 has better finesse in very fine detail, compared to the x10.

anyway, no-one should doubt the rx100 would cream the x-10/20 image quality.

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