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Re: This forum is for commenting on equipment, photos and the subjects of photos

Markr041 wrote:

James Pilcher wrote:

Markr041 wrote:

Let's get real - this is a conspicuously flawed photo, with a big visible distracting purple blotch on the left, filled with color noise. Maybe cat lovers can disregard this (great cat), but as a photo this is hardly a success to be proud of. Shows that mixed light sources and high ISO can ruin a picture (not necessarily a camera problem).

Jim Pilcher
Summit County, Colorado, USA

I'm sorry, I thought comments on pictures were welcome. Is this place only for admiring pets? Or just praise for effort?

Or do you think that what I said is incorrect - the purple blotch with color noise is a wonderful piece of art? I do not think the equivalent of "get lost" is appropriate.

This is a very friendly forum Mark, and there is no reason for you to post such a rude comment.  There are much better ways to address a photo then what you did.  Starting out with... "Let's get real" was the first clue, it went down hill after that.  Comments and constructive help are welcomed  but there is no room for rudeness.

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