hands-on review of the D7100

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Re: hands-on review of the D7100

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I mean, noise in the lifted shadows is often an issue with the D90 but not really with the D7000, due to the less noisy sensor. I wander if this banding comes through with maxed ADL or not.

The D5000 had no banding (I assume the D90 either since it's the same sensor). The D7000/D5100 had a little banding but only in the very deepest of shadows and the banding is very minor. The D7100/D5200 has visible banding starting at just above a 2EV push (depending on content) and the banding frequency is very high. I agree with Reilly's post though - the D7100's other improvements will outweigh this regression for most.

We now have a additional IQ difference between the dx and fx bodies...pattern noise vs. none - non-exmor vs. exmor. It also makes me wonder if Sony opted out of providing Nikon with its latest generation 24mp exmor sensor...because it planned to put that in its nex7 followon that just ahout announced. From sony's point of view, its dx sensor are critical...it has full frame, but nikon is more of a pro presence there. we'll see.

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