hands-on review of the D7100

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Re: hands-on review of the D7100

mosswings wrote:

And if you believe the astrophotographers amongst us, the d7000 was also cleaner because it did some truncation at near total black to mask what residual pattern noise there was - and would have to be, even with exmor's digital cds. Canon's sensors allow exposure stacking to image dimstars, which is possible only if you don't play such games...it'll be interesting to see if Nikon has now gone this route, taking the penalty of pattern noise. Buy Topaz stock, there may be a lot more sales of DeNoise to D7100 buyers shortly.

Might be true if it weren't for the fact that the banding on Canon sensors can be seen at EVs well above the analog levels where Nikon would be clipping. Nikon's choice to clip backs is unfortunate but that's not the reason Exmors don't exhibit banding nor the reason why its shadows are so clean.

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