Sony R-1?

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Re: Sony R-1?

BobT wrote:

Maybe I shouldn't give up on this R-1 quite so quickly.

No one has answered 2 questions asked earlier in this thread.

1) Is $250 a fair asking price for a NICE R-1?

2) Are Wide Angle and especially TELE adapters made to extend the range of the R-1? If so, can you be specific?


A couple of Amazon listings for you -

and for the telephoto

The R1 is the only camera where I like the Jpegs - setting the Sharpness to - and then sharpen quite aggressively in post gives very pleasing images - there's just something about them.

Noise becomes noticeable at 800, bad at 1600 and at 3200, well, it's only good for B&W.


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