hands-on review of the D7100

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Re: hands-on review of the D7100

_sem_ wrote:

I mean, noise in the lifted shadows is often an issue with the D90 but not really with the D7000, due to the less noisy sensor. I wander if this banding comes through with maxed ADL or not.

The D5000 had no banding (I assume the D90 either since it's the same sensor). The D7000/D5100 had a little banding but only in the very deepest of shadows and the banding is very minor. The D7100/D5200 has visible banding starting at just above a 2EV push (depending on content) and the banding frequency is very high. I agree with Reilly's post though - the D7100's other improvements will outweigh this regression for most.

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