hands-on review of the D7100

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Re: hands-on review of the D7100

Got the D7100 yesterday.  Had a chance to take some shots.  Here is my partial review: http://betterfamilyphotos.blogspot.com/2013/03/nikon-d7100-hands-on-real-world-review.html

Some highlights:

The D7100 does have the option to change the effect of exposure compensation on flash exposure, just like the D4 and D600.

In live view, the OK button can be customized to zoom 100% instead of resetting the AF point.

Shadow recovery does show horizontal pattern noise at extreme settings >+3.5EV.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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Well, it was expected that we'd see the shadow pattern noise - a disappointment over the d600 and previous generation DX bodies - but the question is, is it of any practical consequence, and what does a d7000 look like under the same conditions? Looking at your crops, the banding is showing up at almost total black ( i'd have to download the raws to be sure) but what would really give useful info is a head to head on a typical scene like this. It leaves a slightly off taste in the mouth to pay this much for a body and not keep the cleanliness of the d7000, but we may be obessing over emptiness.

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