Travel Tripod?

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Re: Travel Tripod?

Pete512 wrote:

I bought the T1025X today, after trying out my heaviest rig at the distributor today.

The load was Canon 60D + TC2x III + 70-200/2.8 L II, so about 2.6kg. Using Liveview magnified out at 10x, with the crop factor and TC2x, the effective FL would be 640mm. The 70-200 had a lens plate, so it was balanced on the K10X ballhead. Admittedly, if you bumped the camera, there was noticeable shake, but weighted with the camera bag on the hook, in a windless environment, the image was very steady.

They had the T025 there as well, but it just didn't even look like it was going to take this load. The QR plate on the C10 ballhead is just so small. Probably ok for CSC's.

I also have the N2204 with a K30X head, and it is absolutely rock steady. But I need a light and small travel tripod for some upcoming trips. The T1025X at 340mm folded length will fit inside a carry-on suitcase and weighs just over 1kg including the head compared to 1.8kg for the N2204 rig. So it's a worthwhile compromise.

It comes with a long and short centre column, the long one is reversible, and the short one can be mounted on top of the long one to get an extended height of about 1.4m, then add the height of the ballhead. There's 3 leg angles, plus fully reverted over the extended center column. But this extended height probably won't handle the 70-200mm, only at a stretch for a wide-angle lens.

Thank you Pete... very helpful input (this is what I was looking for). If I get this tripod/bh combo, I do not intend to use the C-10 BH. i have my own.

In the last paragraph, when you say the "long one" (column) is reversible, what does that do exactly, by reversing it?

All good stuff here. I'm am inching my ways toward pushing the button on this tripod. You've, and quite a number of others have helped here. Thanks!

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