P7700's screen upside down?

Started Mar 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
photoreddi Veteran Member • Posts: 7,814
P7700's screen mirror imaged.

eyalg wrote:

That's not what I did at first, but now I see that it also invokes the flipped screen.
In fact, I don't have to hold down the on/off button while I open the screen -
I open it a bit (30-40 degrees like you said), click the on button shortly, and at
the same time turn the screen fully so that it's on the camera's back again.

And it's flipped. Sometimes not upside down but just mirrored ...

That happened to me last December several months after I bought my P7700. I recall pressing the power button as I simultaneously was opening and twisting the display. I'm able to continue engaging in the "sad" behavior because as much as I've tried, I've never been able to duplicate the reversed display, so I enjoy being able to take pictures just a little more quickly after powering on the P7700. I reported this to Nikon the same day but was told that there was no record of this type of behavior. Of course this doesn't mean that it hadn't previously been reported, just that if it had been reported it may not have been recorded as an "issue".

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