Are there typically stock shortages of new Nikon models?

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Re: Are there typically stock shortages of new Nikon models?

No way to know for sure, but it depends on where you are ordering from. D7000 and D800 were almost impossible to get from the big mail order photo stores (3 - 4+ month lead times if I recall on the D800), but they could be had reasonably quickly from local stores wait lists. If they are out of stock now, you might be safe wait-listing if you can afford it in April.

Personally, if I was worried about it shipping too early, I would just wait. I think the D800 and D7000's were anomoliies because of the pent-up demand. I don't think there was much of a wait list for the D600 because they made a lot more and the D800 took a lot of the planned D600 customers. The perceived need for an upgrade to the D7000 also seems lower now than it was at the time it was released. Now if we were talking about the D400, that would be a whole different ballgame...

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.................Has Nikon sold out of available stock in the past shortly after the release of a new model or were people able to place an order a few weeks after release and get a body in a reasonable time?

Yes, has happened with quite a few models - the D800 & D7000 spring to mind (to be fair there were other issues affecting production - tsunami).

Models like these tend to be popular early, more entry level like D5x00 & D3x00 not as much.

You'll need to define "reasonable" though?

A couple of weeks maybe?

What were the turnaround times for the D800 and D7000 when they did run out until there were more available?

Basically I'm trying to figure out if I should place an order now and hope it won't actually ship until April or wait until April and hope stock isn't gone by then! Way too much guesswork.

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