Nikon D5100 to Fuji X-E1? Opinions?

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Re: Nikon D5100 to Fuji X-E1? Opinions?

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I tend to shoot a lot of scenery, landscapes, flowers, and buildings (with the occasional family photo) and lately I've been getting kind of frustrated with my Nikon D5100. The last couple of outings (sunset or orchid festival) where color was hard to properly get just right had me somewhat less than enthusiastic about my D5100. Thanks much in advance


Not sure but color issues you described could be a result of a blown channel which is not uncommon on sunrise/sunset shots and colorful flowers. Look at the RGB histogram to see if a channel, like the red channel is clipped (skies might have the blue channel clipped). That can shift color and/or clip out detail that was in the channel. I remember this was a slight issue for my with my Nikon D70 which did not show an RGB histogram (neither does the Fuji X bodies).

If that is the case you might need to under expose, or better, shoot a bracketed set and compare colors with problem shots. I do not have a D5100 but i do have a D300 and also have a XE1. haven't used my D300 in 3 months since I got the XE1.

Just looked at the shot you posted and the blue channel is clipped - so color shift is expected

Blue channel is blown out

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