What's the best FL for landscape/scenery?

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Re: What's the best FL for landscape/scenery?

Both are correct. Choosing a focal length is a often an artistic decision. How do I want the foreground, mid and background to relate to each other?

Imagine taking a picture of a cactus in the foreground desert scrub in the mid and a mountain in the background.

With wider the focal lengths, the cactus would appear larger and the mountain would appear smaller and less prominent. Using longer and longer focal lengths will make the mountain larger and the cactus smaller and less prominent. There is no right or wrong answer, just composition choices about how the elements in the frame relate to each other.

Sometimes we are limited by how close or far away we can place the camera but this is a practical consideration not a compositional one.

dpyy wrote:

I ask this because I hear different opinions. Some say wide angle is an obvious choice, some say wide angle make the actual things of interest too small?

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