Nikon D5100 to Fuji X-E1? Opinions?

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Re: Nikon D5100 to Fuji X-E1? Opinions?

Thanks everyone for the feedback!  I'm looking at renting a X-E1 right now...

Still on the fence with this one.  Actually I may trade my 5100 more on the merits portability (taking pics while hiking, travel, etc) than just color alone. I'm getting rapidly tired of hauling the D5100 + two lenses on hiking trips...

99% of the time not taking pictures of moving subjects, but focus hunting bugs me.  OTOH I have lenses which have to be manually focused on the D5100 anyways, so if I can manual focus the X-E1, that's OK with me.

The issue I have with color is a tough one to define what I'm talking about.  And it may be just me.  When I take a picture of a subject with what I call "obvious" colors (large areas of bright colors, a color chart is a good example), the Nikon (D60/D5100) and Fuji (F20) does equally well.  The D5100 does snaps of family gatherings well.  When I have taken pictures of landscapes, sometimes certain colors (especially yellows) on my D60/D5100 are different between cameras.  Here's an example...

D60 (D5100 does the same thing BTW)

Fuji F20

I don't know if I'm just being picky, but the greens (especially the blue-greens of the lupine leaves) and yellows seem a bit more pleasing and better rendered than the Nikon.  And this is not the only example I can give on this one.  Some say they can't tell the difference...  So I don't know.

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