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Bob in Baltimore
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Re: Full Moon Stacked Image

Very nice image. Subtle brightness and color variations across the mare are great, and the craters are appropriately crisp.

I do have one suggestion. As with so many Moon pix, there is a bright ring around  the edge of the Moon. In this case, it extends from about 10 o'clock to 5 o'clock. This is an artifact of the image sharpening, whether by you in PP, or from the camera itself. (It does not happen on the other half of this image as that has a natural fall-off as you approach the terminator.)

To get rid of the annoying and non-real bright edge to the Moon, try selecting the Moon with the circle tool, contract it by about 2 pixels to isolate the very outer ring of the image, invert the selection so that you have mostly the sky & a tiny bit of the Moon, feather by 3 to 5 pixels and then run the AVERAGE Blur. It will blur the sky into that bright ring and make it look natural. These are instructions for Photoshop ... similar approaches can be done with any PP S/W.

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