Reviews, hands-on, samples of HS50 Part V

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Re: Reviews, hands-on, samples of HS50 Part V

I haven't had as much time to spend with the new toy as I would have liked - what with feverish little one and freelance work, but did manage to catch this little one the other morning. Handheld full zoom, can't remember what it was set to as just picked up the camera and started shooting. Straight out of camera (which for someone who spends their life in Photoshop for a profession is not something I would normally do :), exposure a bit shot but given the string back lighting I think the camera did well, and shot at a fast enough shutter speed to catch the falling crumb but not so fast as to avoid blurring round his eye from blinking and / or chewing at lightening speed. I think  faster shutter speed would have helped with the lost definition around the little creature as well. Hope to post more (and better) shots soon.  Cheers Paul

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