Lenses for Bedding photography???

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Re: Lenses for Bedding photography???

I would say a 24mm PC will end up being your best friend in a small room with no space. The wider the lens the more issues you may run into with distortion so using a standard wide 17-18mm is going to be another set of issues. I still highly highly suggest renting the gear you intend to buy for a week and seeing how it works in your application. We here can make suggestions all day long but unless we are on location shooting with you, we wont really know what works. Also this type of shooting may be done best tethered because you would want to be able to look at a large image to see the entire scene and determine what areas may be an issue. In a warehouse you will probably have very high ceilings and most will not have white walls to bounce light off so you will need to create the light which means lots of large softboxes to light your scene evenly. You will also need to probably kill the overhead lighting because most of it is bad quality. I know much has been said here about lensrentals. I have not rented from them but the rates seem fair. I would spend a week with any gear you intend to buy and see where you stand.

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