What Filters are essential for outdoor shooting in bright lights?

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Re: What Filters are essential for outdoor shooting in bright lights?

Every so often I hear the argument for this filter and that filter and how they are indispensable for digital cameras despite being created originally for film. 'This can't be done in post processing' is a typical claim. Often the argument is bolstered by some technical explanation or some home-brew research.

There are two things I don't see.

A) Pros and talented photographers using these filters.

B) Pictures showing the amazing effects that cannot be reproduced without said filter. (scene shot with & without filter)

For ND filters, circular polarizers I see solid photographers using them and I can find many examples of what they do that cannot be replicated effectively in post processing.

I'd be really interested is seeing some examples. A scene with and without these filters would be most helpful.

Ray Maines wrote:

KingCharles wrote:

I am new to photography, and would like some info on filters.

What other filters should every outdoor photographer have?

Here is an older thread everybody should read: The Filters We Need With Digital

I cast my vote for the The Neodymium Enhancing Filter. It's often called an Intensifier or Enhancing filter and I find it really handy for Fall Colors. Also consider the 80A "Color Balancing" filter even though it's primarily an indoor filter

And yes, your camera will take pictures anywhere on the planet without a filter, but some guy standing right next to you will take a better picture or at least a different picture by using a filter.

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