How to remove Microsoft Bloatware from Windows 8

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Re: How to remove Microsoft Bloatware from Windows 8

RedFox88 wrote:

Nope, delve into the registry and you'll find copies of .exe install files. Been there, found them.

The registry doesn't house any files.  As mentioned before it is pretty much a database of configurations, associations, pointers, etc. that tell Windows what can/cannot be done, access limitation, what does a particular file type is, what has access to what (program-wise and user accessibilities), stores search history, recent documents listed in the Start Menu (when we had one), and more.

It does not store any files and fiddling with the registry is not for the faint of heart.  If you are not careful or do not know what you are doing, you can seriously screw things up.

Registry files can grow to a large size due to bloat (poorly coded application, dirty uninstalls, file corruption, etc.).  If this happens, Windows start up times can take forever since it is trying to load the registry into the memory and physical memory runs out (causing the need to cache).  If it takes too long or if the registry is deemed corrupt, Windows usually has a backup registry to fall back on (.sav).


A few years back, I have seen this happen in my data center where part of the registry became corrupt due to some poorly coded apps using Cold Fusion and .NET.  Part of the registry ballooned to over 4GB in size on a server with only 4GB of RAM (server was a single task box that required little resources).  When that server got rebooted, it would sometimes take several hours before it finally came up to the login screen.  It would just sit there at a black screen, after the splashscreen but before the GUI.  As you can imagine, this was a pain during maintenance windows.  A temporary fix was to use an application (the name escapes me) that allowed us to view the registry hive sizes and shrink them.  Eventually, even the backup registry became corrupt.  The final solution was to rebuild the server and disable the poorly coded ColdFusion/.NET application.

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