How To Quickly Move The Focus Point

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Re: How To Quickly Move The Focus Point

As a wedding photographer myself, I know your problem. I use the following settings:

a6: on

a7: Limit to 11 focus points (very important)

f6: use AE-L/AEL&dial to change picture format, you only need 1.2 crop and FX

Now selecting a focus point is quite easy. Pressing the center of the multi selector gives you the center focus point. Now you can go left/right twice and up/down once. I select focus points without looking through the viewfinder.

1.2 crop (which still has 25MP) gives you a much better spread of the focus points. If you need the full frame for wideangle shots, just press AE-L/AF-L and spin the front dial. Easy...

One caveat: The 1.2 crop will be shown as a fine line in the viewfinder which is to easy to miss.

Therefore: Turn the focus point illumination of with A5, than the parts of the viewfinder you don´t shoot are grayed out. This sucks during the reception, as you can´t see your focus point anymore...

... and I second your opinion: Focus&recompose never worked, especially not with the D800 and fast lenses...

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