So... I finally come to a decision to go with the OM-D... Is there any big hand users out there?

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Lets get this straight

Lets got back to the begining here. I apologise if you find me impolite Anders because you've been nothing but polite and helpful to me in my time on this forum.

The rest of this isn't aimed directly at you.

I absolutely accept that the tests posted here and elsewhere have results which would point toward one conclusion. Let me be explicit that I feel the results posted in respect of the GH3 (and other cameras for that matter) are unrepresentative of actual results (to be clear, I don't limit my criticism to test scenes - the actually pictures posted are woeful too in many cases - I couldn't believe the images posted in a leading sites review of the X100S yesterday) and therefore I'm querying their value. That doesn't mean I'm claiming that the images tex posted on his thread the other week were falsified. I just query their value in making decisions about a camera purchase. I have similar views about DXO, which tests what it tests, but shouldn't really be seen as the basis for a game of top trumps and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

I'm not sure, why, when I query whether test results are valuable, I'm then subject to (numerous) replies pointing out to me that my views (and lets be honest, they are views) are wrong, false, incorrect. This is apparently on the basis that user experience is less valuable than these "rigorous" tests. This hasn't just happened to me but as far as I can see it, many people who post anything that goes outside of a fairly narrow world view of one particular poster. Most people lose interest in replying to such attacks, because they are a bore. That's why debates about equivalence provoke most people (myself included) to want to "turn the channel".

Here is the thing, everytime people post something that you disagree with, it's fine to reply, but don't turn it into some kind of crusade for truth. Personally I think the central message of such attacks seems to come across as being (at best) a little patronising and brand specific with the inevitable result that it reads like brand specific fanboyism of the worst sort with an attempt to back it up with "facts" (which in all honesty I see as just another point of view).

Now, I perfectly well accept that if you take my position to extremes, it ends up in a nonsense. Because no test would ever be valid. But anyone who is familiar with the scientific method would accept (I think) that if the real world doesn't match an experiment that there is something wrong with the experiment rather than the real world, which is all I'm saying. Individual posters here may disagree, and I'm fine with that, but DPR forums aren't a quest for the truth so if people could cease treating them as such I would be grateful. That's all.

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