Sigma DP2 double release oddity - feature??

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Re: Sigma DP2 double release oddity - feature??

rattymouse wrote:

My camera also does something else very weird. Say for example that I am taking a photo and the shutter speed will be 1/200 of a sec. Normally you would hear two clicks very quickly, one sound is the shutter opening the other closing.

Every now and then my camera makes the first sound, and then pauses to make the second 1-2 seconds. It sounds like a very long exposure. I always expect a very blurry shot because I'm hand holding the camera. Yet it is always sharp. I am very confused by this strange sound. I have never heard a camera do this before and cannot explain even what it is doing with my shots not being blurry.

Other cameras do this too. I have a Sony NEX with exactly these symptoms. It seems that it's just the camera doing what it needs to do, and nothing to be concerned about. So I've learned to ignore it. But it is a bit disconcerting, I agree.


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