Nikkor 32mm f1.2 listed on the Nikon USA website...

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I think thats a key point...

blank_ wrote:

But I agree, that if 32/1.2 costs significantly more than Samsung 45/1.8, which actually gives even shorter DOF, it shows some weakness of the whole CX concept.

Not so much the DOF control itself(quite the reverse infact IMHO) but really wheather the inherant limations of the smaller sensor can be overcome by cheaper fast glass.

The failiure of OLY's 4/3rds DSLR's was IMHO largely the result of the extra lens performance being more expensive than the extra sensor performance of the competision.

The 1 system does seem to have the advanatge that its sensor is punching above its size a bit more and of catering to a market less likely to invest in large amounts of glass so with less need to "rebuy the speed".

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