So... I finally come to a decision to go with the OM-D... Is there any big hand users out there?

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One short remark

NZ Scott wrote:

Compare this with data from a camera that has shot at ISO 800 and not manipulated the data.

There is no such camera. Every camera that outputs JPEG files based on RAW data applies some type of curve to the RAW data in order to generate the JPEG.

Furthermore, I'm pretty certain you don't want all manufacturers to start using the exact same tone curve here. Unless you want one generic look out of every camera, regardless of the make or the model.

And, yet further, I would argue that this is why the digital imaging experts who wrote the ISO standard wrote it to do exactly what it does, and not to do what you (or many others) think it should do. And also why they haven't written an additional standard that does what you (or many others) think it should do. These experts realized that it was desirable to determine some standard values for comparison, but also specifically avoided standardizing every single value (i.e. the tone curve and, by extension, required sensor saturation levels).

They realized that it was necessary to allow each manufacturer plenty of leeway to make design decisions - they wanted to make sure it was still possible to have a Nikon, Canon and Olympus look, rather than "The.One.Generic.Tone.Curve.Look".

And that's what the standard they wrote does. It specifies several measures for determining exposure index while leaving manufacturers plenty of leeway to make their own design decisions. And, as DxO so emphatically says, "this is absolutly legitimate", and the camera manufacturers "are not cheating".


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