NEX 7 Low Light Video Optimization

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Re: NEX 7 Low Light Video Optimization

DaNPrS wrote:

Hey I was wondering if anyone has a good set up for indoor/low light video on the NEX 7. I just got a Rokkor 50 1.4 and it's wonderful but I have to restrict myself to a tripod for the most part in order to stabilize the shot while manually focusing.

I want to do some moving shots and I got a stabilizer but then the fast 50 can't focus by itself so I'll have to use the kit 18-55 that I have instead.

So far my settings are 1/50 shutter speed and I try to avoid anything above ISO 800, too much noise. But that's the problem shots are underexposed, so is my only option to invest in a faster AF lens or is there a trick I'm missing?

Auto focus on the Sony Nex7 is slow especially in low light. and depending on what lens your using. I find the Nex7's ability to shoot in low light pretty good. I shoot in 1600 many times. If you want the best looking video on a Nex7, set the Shutter Speed to Double what ever the frame rate is, example, 24fps=1/50th   60fps=125th    30fps=60th

The only times you should very that shutter speed is if your shooting action, that's why 60fps is getting so popular, it gives the video a smoother look not a choppy looking action, do a little research, you'll see what 'm talking about there's plenty on youtube to learn from.

Also, if you want a shorter depth of field when shooting outside and you need to keep those shutter speeds, then you will have to use a Neutral Density Filter. You can use a circular polarizing filter to some degree, just depends on how bright it is, Neutral Density is better.

Good Luck.

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