So... I finally come to a decision to go with the OM-D... Is there any big hand users out there?

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Re: What's weak about the GH3?

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I know this is an initial test/ preview- but if you look at the Hi-Iso test just completed by DPR, almost anything you put up against the OM-D looks second rate- within reason(IMO). It takes jumping into some of the high dollar dslr's to find comparables so it seems. GH3 isn't totally out of the question- I'll be looking for more examples/info/reviews. As I mentioned, Olympus really has a winner in the OM-D. Hopefully they have a newer release for the future that gives us a bigger option

It's been said on another test but the samples posted by DPR are simply unrepresentative of user experience. If you want to go with that, it's fine, but in all honesty it's identical to better than the E-M5 in real world use.

Lots of things are said about lots of things by lots of people. Then there's science and rigorous testing in controlled environments.

Are you so sure putting a camera on a tripod and pointing it at a test scene is the be all and end all of photography? If so I really feel sorry for you.

Thanks for your sympathy, but it is misguided. I've taken more than 13,000 photos with my E-M5, none pointing at test scenes. I do, however, value scientific comparison in controlled environments over dubious firsthand reports from bloggers whose qualifications likely exist only in their own minds. Especially when said bloggers eschew the value of studio tests performed by trained professionals.

Because I'm talking about actual use, and not shooting a pointless test scene with a tripod it may simply be that the GH3 is more of a photographers camera (e.g. it allows for greater button/dial based fine tuning of settings to get enhanced results).

Do I understand this correctly - You're suggesting that the GH3, with all of its fine-tuning abilities, may take better pictures out and about than it is capable of taking in a studio laboratory, mounted on a tripod? Are you sure you want to make that claim?

Are you sure studio comparison really shows that much of cameras abilities?

Studio comparisons performed in controlled conditions by trained professionals in a consistent manner tell us with some degree of authority quite à lot about different cameras' capabilities.

If so you are a duller chap than you seem from your (repetitive) comments.

Says the gentleman who has nothing but ad hominem left in his playbook. Classy.

Nonetheless, I'll take the camera that gives me better results/more keepers at the end of the day.

Perhaps it gives YOU better results because you get a long with it better, but not due to any inherent, objective advantages it has. Which means that your results may not be transferrable to any other users.

and then again perhaps it would be transferable which is why I'm telling other people...

Perhaps, whereas results of studio tests should tell us some objective measures about the cameras in question, which objective measures will, with absolute certainty, transfer to all other users.

It could also be a case of cognitive bias.

agreed. You've demonstrated plenty.

Feel free to provide examples. I won't hold my breath

I'm looking forward to DPReview's full review. As time passes, some of your original claims are looking less and less supported by the actual facts and tests, as produced by real professionals (as opposed to some guy with a blog and a couple of cameras).

LOL. I bow down to your well demonstrated professional.. I mean cod science. Do you take lessons to be smug and patronising or is that just your style?

I don't have much patience for self proclaimed experts who discount the results of controlled tests performed by professionals, apologies.

It really gets you upset that I own both cameras and don't prefer the one you own doesn't it? That's funny - did no one explain to you it's perfectly fine for you to like one camera and someone to like another?

I don't care how many cameras you own, or which ones are your personal favorites. I do care if you're making demonstrably false statements or claiming that your personal experience has more validity than the results of multiple tests performed by highly trained professionalsm no matter which camera is your personal favorite.




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