What should be done with cheats ? Part 4 .......

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I've been following (and participating) in these threads about challenge problems for years.  I've seen my own entries get 'point-five' votes that I thought were undeserved.  I know there are problems with the voting system, and I'd love to ban cheaters - but only if there is positive proof.

My point here is that before naming someone as a cheater in the forums, and putting them on the blacklist, there should be proof 'beyond a reasonable doubt'.

All that is known for certain here is:

1.  ​DPR code # 5A9455​ voted improperly, giving all entries but one a low score.

2.  Member Arsha's entry was the one entry not voted on.

Anyone could have placed those votes.

I'd ask you this - what if someone wanted to discredit you and voted low on every entry but yours?   Yours is the only one without a vote.  You didn't cheat - but it certainly looks like you did.

What if someone intended to vote all the entries down, but with a careless slip of the mouse - they missed one - and it happened to be yours?  There you are again - looking like a cheater.

Now how would you like to see your name in a forum thread titled "What should be done with cheaters?"  Your name is on the black list.

These are unlikely scenarios - but still possible.

Innocent until proven guilty?  Or the other way 'round? How do you like your justice done?

Anyway, I'm going to let my little appeal go now.  It's stressing me out.  I mean no offense to anyone here. Someday, DPR will fix the challenge system.  Somewhere, over the rainbow . . . .


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