Phottix Odin for Nikon - GREAT!!

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Re: Phottix Odin for Nikon - GREAT!!

LA_CAMGUY wrote:

Have had my Phottix Odin for 2 days now (ordered direct form Phottix) and all I can say is 'AMAZING'. I bought it with 3 receivers to use with my 2 SB-800's and a SB-600. Has worked flawlessly with my D700 & D3s. The wireless 100 meter range is AS ADVERTISED. I spent a good part of the day testing distance and with softboxes. Absolute truth...never a misfire! This really beats CLS IR hands-down. For me the wait was well woth it and the control I now have is awesome. I'm posting here as D700, D3, D3s, D800,D4 and other Nikon users can celebrate about this. Shooting is getting really exciting and much easier.

Question for the group.

Does any one having experience with these when two photographers are shooting. For example two photographers shooting a reception? does each trigger change the settings and each trigger function as a master or does one need to be a "dumb" trigger???

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