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Re: Travel Tripod?

hypercore360 wrote:

In need of advice/input on a compact travel tripod.

The ones I am considering are:

- Vanguard Alta Plus 225CT
- Slik Pro 624CF
- Benro Travel Angel A0690T

There are probably others, but so far these are the ones I've looked at.
Too many choices, and it's even more difficult to decide what to get.

Does anyone have any expericence with any of the above mentioned tripods?

The Vanguard is the most compact, when folded, and most expensive.
The Benro is the least expensive, but slightly taller when folded down.

Cheers and Happy Shooting!

P.S. - this was posted on a few other forums.

Clarity is important in conveying the needs, so that a clear answer can be rendered. I did a poor job of conveying my specific needs. Tripods, and certainly many other photographic equipment is very dependent on specific needs (even wants) to achieve a certain result.

With that in mind, let me specify the type of equipment I am going to be using.

- Nikon D800/E with MB-D12 Battery Grip (maybe the grip would come off while using it on a "travel" tripod)

- Nikkor 14-24 lens

- Nikkor 24-70 lens (possibly in the future)

- Nikkor 70-200 w/TCE 2x (this would be the longest/heaviest lens... for now) - lens would mount to the tripod via the lens collar.

My attention has been drawn to the Sirui T-025X (specifically the "x" model). The big question, for me, is can the Sirui T-025X handle the 70-200? If not, what is the smallest/lightest tripod that can???

Need it to be able to do night shots (long exposure, possibly as long as 30 seconds, or more). Let's assume wind is not part of the consideration, although a lot of times, it will be there (probably a lot of times it will be there)

Hope the above sets the requirements for what I need out of the tripod I'm looking for.

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