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SirSeth wrote:

Yeah, it might be 8 brilliant pixels, and it would make a few very happy, but I think it would be a suicide mission for the company. To some degree this already happened when the E-1 was 5MP and the competition was 6MP. The 5MP were of very good quality, but the psychology of being a million short was just hard to sell.



I agree that it'll be difficult to market an 8MP camera in 2013 but I hope there are discerning photographers looking for a different and unique camera. Olympus FourThirds is really in a niche anyway. There are already cameras like the Nikon D800 and D600 if photographers are looking for cameras according to a spec list.

Perhaps Olympus could follow Nikon's strategy of a D4 (16MP), D800 (36MP) with a high/low mix of E-7 with 8MP and an E-50 with 20MP?

Had a look at the DXO test for the IQ180 and the sensor has a score of 26.5 bits color depth and 13.6 EVs dynamic range. This is an excellent result for a 5.4micron sensor and will match well with Olympus digital lenses with their high aberration correction, flat field and good resolution at all distances due to floating lens group.

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