Initial thoughts on the EX2f

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Re: Initial thoughts on the EX2f

Thanks for the reply Brian. I had noticed that you were having fun with the SX260 and posting some great pictures. I once had a WB5500 but it was no comparison to the Canon.

Hopefully as the phone cameras snap on the heels of the camera manufacturers they will produce a longer zoom 1/1.7 starting from 24mm but there may be design problems as they all seem to start at 28mm. Though if Panasonic can do a 25-600mm fixed f2.8 on a 1/2.3" sensor then what you want cannot be that difficult.

I have a Ixus 230 which has 8x zoom and that is an amazing camera for its size but only starts at 28mm. It is interesting that once 35mm was as wide as you could get.

I do like the EX2f but the operation of the camera just seems to be going back in time and intriguing but not a show stopper. Doubly delighted when I found I could use an old SLB-11A I had in it. I cannot see it building up a user base to match the EX1 which was ahead of its time. I expect the price will dump in a big way before long which it did for a week in the UK but bounced back up. I expect they were testing the market to see if there was any interest.

brianj wrote:

I recently went on a trip and decided I needed a superzoom P&S and after some investigation found a canon SX260 for $AU200, but later was asked why I didn't buy a samsung superzoom to complement my EX1.

My answer almost mimics your thoughts, here is the thread where I wrote almost the same thing:

What I really wanted was a 24-240mm camera with a 1/1.7 BSI-CMOS sensor, but unfortunately I didn't have time to wait for a manufacturer to produce one, if they ever do.


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