Tilt shift on four thirds fitment?

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Re: Tilt shift: try making your own

JAWilson wrote:

For my education, respectfully, what is the advantage of the tilt shift lens?

The shift is typically used in architecture. If you point a camera up to see the top of a tall building you get converging verticals. If you keep the camera and sensor in the vertical plane but shift the lens upwards with respect to the sensor then you get the whole of the building without the converging verticals, ie there is a line from middle of the sensor through the middle of the lens to the middle of the building, but as the face of the building, the lens, and the sensor are all parallel then there is no distortion (although there is a problem with depth of field so you often need to stop) down.

The tilt exagerates out of focus areas at the top or bottom of the picture as the lens is no longer parallel to the image.

I have the OM Zuiko 35mm 2.8 shift (no tilt). On a FT sensor that is 70mm which is reasonably useless for architecture. Much better (on FT) to use a wide angle (anything from 7mm-12mm) pointed horizontally to reduce rectilinear distortion and crop off the bottom and sides.

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