Exposure basics, lesson one

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Re: Exposure basics, lesson one

JaFO wrote:

Thanks for the link.

That little 'slide rule' for matching aperture to shutter speed really helped me to understand how these 3 settings of my camera are related. It does shed some light on how stuff works.

Just one question that may seem odd : why does aperature jump from '11' to '8' to '5,6' ?
Shouldn't it be '5,5' instead ?

The same oddity is in the sequence for shutter-speeds as well.

I'm guessing both progressions are not linear despite appearing to be.

Is there a better explanation in the same way that 'ISO' is the 'wrong' part of the triangle as per the discussion in this thread already ?

I'm guessing you're going to explain the pros and cons to changing these 3 parameters as well ?
You've kind of touched on the shutter speed already because you said it allows you to catch running children.

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Thanks, Thomas.  I like your analogy of aperature and shutter, and how they relate and I am looking forward to the next chapter about if they are all equal, why pick one over the other?

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