Where the Pentax photogs go?

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Re: Where the Pentax photogs go?

Chau D wrote:

I'm a long time Pentax user on this forum since the early K10D days. Although I don't visit this forum as much as I used to do, one of the reasons is that we used to have tons of photos here every day, all day. Within the last 2 years it's a rare occasion if I can find one or two photos to view when Ihave a chance stop by, and that is why my visit to the Pentax DSLR page becoming less and less often. Where do the Pentax photogs go? Are they still around? I still see a few familiar names here like: Ron, Mighty Mike, ozdean, Russell. But even them don't post pictures as often as they used to.

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Obumer did me in!

I think one of the reasons is that there were less and less comments on posted pictures. Maybe because of more posts in the forum so less attention per post, more other places/sites to look at pictures, more techies than photogs in the forum, etc.

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