Zack Arias: x100s "the greatest camera I’ve ever owned"

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Re: Zack Arias: x100s "the greatest camera I’ve ever owned"

mr moonlight wrote:

Personally, I like Zack's reviews. Yeah, we all know he's now affiliated with Fuji, but his opinions regarding Fuji cameras are pretty much right in line with mine. His original X100 review was before he had any affiliation and went through the pros and cons of the camera going as far as calling it a PIA to use at times. All reviews are subjective. The key is not finding the least subjective review, but finding the reviewer that has the most similar tastes and options as yourself. Someone who shoots 80MP MF may feel like the resolution on the X100s is unusable, and someone else may say that 12MP was more than enough.

I could not agree more. I was just recently sponsored by Paul Buff, but have used his gear for several years commercially. He approached me about sponsorship, but that did not alter my prior decision on finding his gear the best value and performance for what I shoot, dance and Cirque performers both in studio and on location. I like Zack's work, respect how he's built his business and consequently I value what he has to say about a particular piece of equipment I'm interested in obtaining.

My personal view is if a photographer produces a consistent body of work I admire then their view of a particular piece of equipment is more valid to me than lab tests. I could care less if Zack is sponsored by Fuji or not. Sponsorship can't produce imagery for you, it simply makes your bottom line a little better.

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