Resolution test, between crop (18MP) and fullframe (12.8MP)

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Re: How embarrasing. : )

qianp2k wrote:

Y Hafting wrote:

Sovern wrote:

Are you sure that you're using different cameras for both shots? I'm seeing identical quality and detail between both photos pixel peeping.........

They are very similar,

but looking at similar details, side by side, there are small differences.

Exactly as DXOMark test shows but OP said it's wrong w/o realizing he actually proved DXOMark test

Nope.  Most of the image shows the 60D resolves more.  This contradicts DxO and contradicts you.  Both look nice and grain...with no visible grains.  Luckily the OP own and experience 5D and 60D.

Here: the upper right corner and center compared:

5D left, 60D right

(view original at 100%)

To me it was an eye-opener that the 5D actually performs better in the corner, while the 60D resolves slightly more in the center.

maybe DXOMark uses average resolution in final P-MPix number?

Also better to show at the same output size otherwise someone may have an illusion bigger size is better.

It also shows 5D clearly reserve highlight such as bright sky better as exactly what I experienced.


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