Video quality of X100s?

Started Mar 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Video Quality - First Impressions

Based purely on the video file provided by Photographyblog I would say the video quality from the X100s is very poor.

I have played the native file on a 50" Plasma via a WD Media player and the IQ is not even close to my 5 year old Panasonic SD600 3MOS Camcorder.  The Panasonic has that really crisp lifelike HD look whereas this file looks like what you would expect to get from a cheap compact that has a video facility.  Almost a 2nd generation look in comparison and awful on pans.

Of course I know the X100s is a photographic tool first and foremost but if I am honest I ma disappointed at this.  With a large APS-C sensor (compared to the tiny sensors in camcorders) the upgraded FPS and bitrate, I really thought that putting it's limitations to one side (manual features, image stabilisation, zoom etc) that the bare bones image quality would be at least as good as a 5 years old Panasonic camcorder.

I will of course try this out again once I get my own X100s in my hands but if it is no different then the Video aspect of the X100s gets a big thumbs down from me.

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