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Re: It's pretty blatant now what's happening and it was easy to see a few years ago

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According to the latest Amateur Photographer (AP) magazine, Olympus losses nine months to Dec 2012 doubled from those of the previous year. AP notes Olympus's aggressive cost cutting strategy that will lead to a 7% decrease in their workforce by 2014. AP also notes that Olympus implied that they will be reducing their DSLR presence.

I would love to be proved wrong, but at the moment I still think the end of 2013 will be the countdown to backtracking on this forum rather than an E7.

that is why Oly sell their majority cam division to Sony. And from my point of view, which marked by OM-D EM-5 the first Sony Sensors continued by E-PL5&E-PM2 and so on, there is a big change for the upcoming new E-7 or E-50 or E700 was also using the new sensors of Sony.

This is the common things in big industry, after the aquisition then their released the new product using their selling point inside it.

As a user, i see the future and for my self will keep remain using this magnificent Olympus

Uh. . .Olympus did not sell the majority of their camera division to Sony. They have seeked funding and Sony has agreed to fund them. . .you see there is fine line here because Sony IS a major competitor. Sleeping with the enemy is not a good move for Olympus nor does it bode well with Sony's long time electronics rival and essentially m4/3's co-owner Panasonic!
Olympus is in a really dire situation here, they seek funding from the company that essentially took their spot in the industry. . .I don't see how people here can say Olympus knows what they're doing after witnessing the company crash year after year and becoming desperate enough to seek funding from competitors.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you lack competent marketing, timely product delivery and communication. . .on top of one of the largest business scandals to hit asia. . you lose your customer base.

I think the Panasonic / Olympus relationship had already soured before the scandal. I.E. the old sensors in all Olympus products and new sensors in the Panasonic's until the OMD release. I think the decision to get into bed with Sony is long in the making.

But Panasonic and Oly are mutually involved with the m4/3 mount, all of their lenses, bodies and most accessories are cross compatible no? I suppose one could say it's less closer as they are using different sensors but i'd say their relationship is nothing to sneeze at.
Interesting times for the japanese camera business for sure.
When i don't feel like lugging the 5d around I still like shooting with my kodak sensor e-400 though, I treat it as a high end fixed lens camera with the 14-54 permanently mounted. Sometimes I think that maybe I want one of these high-end compacts but once I come to my senses the e-400 beats the pants off of them so whats the point. Anything smaller and that's what my nokia phone is for with it's 24mm F2 zeiss lens and 8mp, pp bridges the gap here.

I don't think Olympus can possibly do worse with Sony, than they did being tied up with Panasonic. Panasonic essentially put their hands around Olympus' throat and kept squeezing until 4/3 had lost all credibility as far as their Dslr cameras were concerned. While the likes of Nikon, Fuji and Pentax were storming ahead, Olympus was starving on a diet of hopeless sensors. It was not as if Panasonic couldn't do any better, they can if you take a look at the GH3. It's all history now, and Olympus would have had to face downfall anyway, as a result of incomprehensible corporate aberrations, but I still resent Panasonic for it. Sony is a far better partner in that respect.

I am going to go out on a limb, I dont think the relationship with Panasonic was what everyone says it was here. The GH1 sensor, when released by Panasonic was only marginally better than the 12mp sensor in the Olympus cameras, but would have required a while new IBIS and image pipeline that I dont think Olympus was willing to invest in considering the marginal gains.

The same could be said of the GH2, it is hardly worlds ahead, I honestly see Olympus looking into new sensors and working to get greater volumes in m43rds for sensor purchasing, then approaching Sony or Toshibas fab to make them while developing their new pipeline and IBIS mechanism for the new sensor manufacturer.

As far as I know, this idea of a relationship being stuck has always been rumor with little to back it up. it was only a couple of years, E-30 - E-5 where the sensor was reused in their DSLR, wit the E-5 showing the type of resolution gains that other companies are just starting to employ (D7200, K5IIs, D800e) and olympus got blasted for doing it. It introduce video, a larger screen and improvements in processing. While the same sensors were reused in the lower bodies this is probably more like Olympus using proven tech in an un-contested space. The as the market become more competitive they release their newer tech in the OMD, and then the same sensor and processing in the lower bodies.

Some companies cannot make it on their own, Pentax is one of those too. It is crucial that they find a good partner. Pentax nearly went under in their tie to Hoya, but along came the powerful Ricoh, and they are now repairing a lot of the damage. I know Olympus is in another situation with Sony, but then: they still have their own medical division, and won't be threatened by Sony ownership unless they fail totally.

This relationship with sony is just as misunderstood. Sony has a large investing arm which is a good source of revenue for the company, the relationship between the camera divisions may very well benefit Olympus if they are contracted out to produce lenses for sony's cameras. Sony is unlikely to buy another camera company considering its own camera division is not too hot.

However companies like Sony, Panasonic and Samsung have more electronics experience to create a new camera based product that changes the playing field, to companies like Pentax, Olympus, fuji, even Nikon, who are more traditional, will feel in their sales.


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