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Re: Hands-on Review: Canon EOS 6D

FranKois wrote:

Congratulation for your review, it is very interesting and very clear.

Two weeks ago -that means before reading your paper-, after reading numerous reviews and comments, I decided to buy the 6D basing my decision exactly on the points you have evidenced in your article that I totally shear.

Now, I am making pratice with the camera rediscovering things I was used to do 20 years ago with my OM-1, but having vergoten during the more recent years using compacts as G3 or Ixus.

At the occasion of my first captures, I got the impression that respect to Ag films, as G3 (that made me upset), the 6D has still the tendency to burn the high lights. What is your experience in terms of dynamic?

Nevertheless, I am afraid, I could make some mistake. I use exclusively the center focus point, and use the evaluative metering mode. In case of very high contrasted subject, I first memorise with AE*, then recompose and shoot. Despite said procedure, I got the impression that the metering is operating rather as partial or spot metering instead of evalutive.

I got the doubt that the evaluative mode is working only if all focusing points are simultaneoulsly operational. What did you notice ?

Kind regards

François Caillat

Thanks! I hope you found it somewhat useful.

On my Canon EOS 5D/5D2/D700 I was exposing to the right (ETTR) consistently at +1 or +1 1/3, however with the Canon EOS 6D I am holding steady at 0 when exposing. If I ETTR as before I'm noticing the highlights going to 255 with a very low threshold, which means perhaps they have changed the sensitivity?

If anything I think the exposure range has increased, so the behavior of exposure compensation changes a bit too.

All AF zones are working for me. Can you select individual AF points to confirm that they're not locking properly?

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